EcoVerde Organics: Making Potting Soil and Compost Sustainably in Western New York

EcoVerde Organics – “EVO” was organized in 2017 with a long-term vision to enhance the water, land and air quality of our region – Buffalo, Rochester, WNY and Finger Lakes regions – by recycling organic waste, minimizing the use of chemical fertilizers therefore regenerating our soils to improve soil health. 

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The Founder and Sponsor was introduced to the concept of sustainability when he earned his Eagle Rank in Boy Scouts: “Leave the campsite better than the way you found it.” Today, this means keeping carbon in the soil rather than releasing it to the air, one important action you can take to return our environment to its natural state and mitigate climate change is accomplished by using EcoVerde Organics high-quality compost.

The EVO Team, assembled over a period of 5 years, possesses 125 years of relevant compost experience and skills in:

  • Collecting all types of organic waste (feedstock) and minimizing contaminants
  • Processing and curing compost to ensure minimal pathogens and weed seeds, and to maximize biological diversity
  • Inventorying and delivering finished products that meet high quality industry standards

To ensure highest quality compost, EVO is a member of the NYS Center of Excellence for Food and Agriculture at Cornell AgriTech and we also consult with Cornell University’s Waste Management Institute, thereby ensuring that world class science is utilized to achieve our vision and assist you in reaching your sustainability goals.

Each EcoVerde team member embraces the concept of diligently working with all community stakeholders to work together and stop degrading our environment. Gardeners, landscapers, farmers and others use EcoVerde compost to enrich their communities with beautiful landscapes, healthy food and regenerated soil.

EVO is majority owned by Warren E Emblidge, Jr and is proud to have Western New York Impact Investment as a co-investor.

Compost products – Good for your garden, good for your community, good for your planet.

EVO’s compost is produced from a diversity of feedstocks and some products are blended with biochar for even more benefits. Biochar is a charcoal-like substance that sequesters carbon and provides space for microbes to grow. These microbes make nutrients more available to plants.

The Benefits of Compost


Compost significantly improves soil health: structure and porosity, supplies beneficial micro-organisms that make nutrients available to plants longer thus encouraging vigorous root growth. Excessive use of synthetic chemical fertilizers depletes soil and reduces nutrient availability in the long-term. Compost feeds the living organisms in the soil for the long-term, unlike chemical fertilizers that are the equivalent of a “quick-fix drug”.


Compost increases moisture infiltration in our local hardpacked clay soil and reduces soil bulk density, thus reducing erosion and phosphate runoff to our watersheds. This change decreases harmful algal blooms that deprive our rivers and lakes of needed oxygen and can sicken or kill people and animals.


When food waste decomposes in landfills, it generates methane, a potent greenhouse gas. Food waste that is aerobically composted significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Do you have organic wastes like food scraps, horse manure or leaves?

Contact us to discuss how we can help you recycle them into future soil

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