Making Organic Compost Sustainably in Western New York.

EcoVerde Organics, LLC works with community stakeholders to locally source food waste, animal manure, yard waste and other natural materials to create eco-friendly, tailored and tested composts for gardens, landscapes, lawns and organic crops.

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Compost products – Good for your garden, good for your community, good for your planet.

At EcoVerde Organics, we do more than just make quality compost – we help make quality communities. With a belief that Mother Nature got it right from the start, we use systems thinking and a full-cycle approach to create quality soil amendments, divert waste from disposal, and provide benefit to our local communities.


We start by collecting food scraps, select animal manure and yard waste from local waste generators and bring them to our compost site. Our local collection provides an environmentally and socially sustainable waste service option for restaurants, schools, landscapers, horse boarders, farms and others.

Next, we process the material in precision blends using best management practices, like quick covering of food scraps and frequent turning that minimizes odors and kills weed seeds, to produce quality compost as an organic soil amendment.

We sell our finished compost back in our community – to businesses, institutions and people like you – to nourish our soils with improved soil structures, water-holding capacity and microbial action that supports plant growth.

Gardeners, landscapers, farmers and others use EcoVerde compost to enrich their communities with beautiful landscapes and healthy food. And in the process, wastes that are generated start the process over again.

Engage with us in any part of that cycle. Visit our Products and Services page to learn more.

EcoVerde Organics is also committed to learning and sharing knowledge with our communities. We research new techniques, materials and the impact of our products. Visit our Learn More pages for information on how to best use compost, the importance of healthy soil, case studies, learning events and more.

When you use EcoVerde’s Full Circle Compost or partner with us for waste collection, you reduce waste in your community as well as enrich the soil.

Local Farms, Stables and Restaurants Contribute

Our neighbors and community members are our partners as we work together to deliver high-quality compost and solve food waste disposal issues with a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach.

100% Organic Compost

All our compost is made from organic waste inputs – food wastes like vegetables and fruits, animal manure and bedding, and other natural materials. We work to deliver a sustainable solution for waste and create better soils for a healthier and greener tomorrow. 

Our Mission is to …

Produce quality soil amendments to enrich soil and plant health (reducing chemical fertilizer and pesticide input) and to prevent water runoff, which protects Great Lakes water quality.

Increase recycling and reduce waste to landfill and incineration.

Reduce greenhouses gases and retain carbon in soil to mitigate climate change.

Contribute to the economic activity in our region in a sustainable manner.

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