Why Buy EcoVerde Organic Compost?

EcoVerde Organics (EVO) was formed with a long-term vision to enhance the soil, water and air quality of our region. We realize this vision by producing quality soil enhancements that improve soil health, reduce the need for synthetic chemical fertilizers, reduce nutrient run-off to prevent algae blooms, and recycle wastes in the process. Regenerate your soil and help the region’s natural environment by using EcoVerde Organics Soil-Enhancing Compost Plus Biochar.

Why Buy?

EVO compost is made with a variety of inputs to support a diversity of beneficial microbes that support plant growth.

Compost and biochar improve soil structure in all types of native soil and increase water holding capacity and aeration. It does this without unsustainably harvested peat moss.

EVO Compost is made sustainably right in your region – doubling the environmental benefits by reducing transportation related greenhouse gas emissions as you regenerate your soil to grow beautiful, healthy plants.

Customer Testimonials

For years I have searched for a way to enrich my soil naturally and without chemicals. I have found the solution with the delivery of your compost. I have been gardening for many years and this is the best product ever. Loving every shovelful!

Chris W.

Love the soil we get from here, happy healthy plants. So happy to hear they are offering biochar. If you haven’t heard of it you should look into the benefits it has on adding it to your soil.

Dawn R.

Look for our Purple bags at a local Garden Center or click the button below to buy online.