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About Our Compost

EcoVerde compost is made with select blends of local food waste, animal manure and yard waste to yield a slow-releasing soil enhancement product that improves soil structure and water retention. Our goal is to enrich soil health with a fully natural and sustainable soil builder that will ensure plant health for years to come.

Production and use of our soil amendments provide multiple environmental benefits by:

  • Reducing waste to landfill and incineration
  • Minimizing water and nutrient runoff to protect Great Lakes water quality
  • Retaining carbon in soil to reduce greenhouse gases
  • Reducing overuse of chemical fertilizers

The cornerstone of our process involves using precise, aerobic field composting methods that blend tested ingredients, then manage them with strict controls and monitoring to significantly reduce weed seeds. We also work to promote beneficial microbes that support soil health for plant growth. This approach leads to the development of high-quality, consistent materials and the ability to make customized blends.

Compost Blends

EcoVerde offers two distinct compost lines.

Full Circle Compost

Full Circle Compost is fortified with nutrient-rich fruit and vegetable scraps in a precise blending and management system while composting. Full Circle is a great fit for vegetable plantings and flower beds, as an amendment to planting mixes, and in maintenance applications. It is the best choice for those who value environmental preservation as it reduces food scraps to disposal.

EcoVerde PRIME Compost

An outstanding general-purpose compost, made from carefully selected animal manures and bedding. PRIME Compost is great for building new beds, improving soil conditions, or blending with soil for transplanting trees or shrubs.

Compost Options

  • Screened and unscreened
  • Pick-up or delivery
  • Volume discounts


“For years I have searched for a way to enrich my soil naturally and without chemicals.  I have found the solution with the delivery of your compost.  John has been so helpful discussing my soil needs.  I have been gardening for many years and this is the best product ever. Loving every shovelful!”

Chris W., Orchard Park 

“Love the product. Everything I planted grew very well!!!”

Bill K., Orchard Park

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