The EcoVerde Story

The EcoVerde Organics Story

EcoVerde Organics started with our founder’s vision to …

Create a sustainable business focused on developing organic soil enhancement products that will reduce waste, lower the use of chemical fertilizers, improve soil health and enhance the water quality of the Great Lakes basin.
Develop the enterprise so that it provides both positive social impact and financial return for its investors, communities and other stakeholders.

Founder Warren Emblidge, Jr. assembled a team to help him realize his vision and in 2017, EcoVerde Organics, LLC was born.

EcoVerde’s mission is to divert food waste from disposal to produce high-value compost and organic soil amendments with positive environmental, social and financial impact.

Planning for the Future

The plan to achieve this mission focuses on collaboration with community stakeholders to locally source feedstock and distribute product for the triple benefits of eliminating landfill-bound food waste, decreasing chemical fertilizer use, and creating “healthy” soil for farms, gardens and landscapes.

Our Goal

Built on the principles of environmental and community sustainability, our goal is to achieve the following benefits:

  • Produce organic soil amendments to enrich soil and plant health (reducing chemical fertilizer and pesticide input) and to prevent water runoff, which protects Great Lakes water quality.
  • Increase recycling while reducing waste to landfill and incineration.
  • Reduce greenhouses gases and retain carbon in soil to mitigate climate change.
  • Contribute to the economic activity in our region in a sustainable manner.

We use best management practices at our site to minimize odors and pests, prevent storm-water runoff and serve as good neighbors in our community. We do not use material from sewage sludge or municipal waste water systems, and our composting methods comply with U.S. Composting Council standards.

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