Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we recieve, if you don’t find an answer to your question here please feel free to contact us.

What do you use to make your compost?
EcoVerde Organics blends locally sourced food scraps, wood chips, horse manure, leaves, and other natural materials.
Doesn’t horse manure compost have a lot of weed seeds?
EVO’s process enables material to reach temperatures of 131- 170 F for a minimum of 15 days, which is hot enough long enough to kill many weeds seeds.
Can I use EcoVerde compost to grow vegetables?
Yes! EVO’s compost improves soil structure and helps grow productive, healthy vegetables.
Can I get bulk compost in my pickup truck and/or trailer at your Akron location?

EVO only loads vehicles for commercial customers at its site, but we offer reasonable delivery rates.

What kind of food scraps do you accept?
We accept any type of pre- and post-consumer food “waste,” including meat and dairy. We may accept certified compostable food-soiled paper and liner bags – contact us for details. We do not accept plastic, including compostable plastic, except certified compostable liner bags.
Do you accept pet waste?
No, regulations do not allow us to accept pet waste. We only use manure from herbivores like horses and goats.
Do you accept packaged food waste?
EVO does not currently accept packaged food waste except under special circumstances but may have that option in the future. Please contact us if you are looking for this service.
Can I drop off my food scraps at EcoVerde’s site to compost them?
No, EcoVerde does not have a public drop-off. Check with your municipality. Several municipalities in the region are working to offer drop-off programs and EcoVerde will work with some of them to haul and compost what they collect.
Will EcoVerde’s facility stink up the neighborhood?
While all compost facilities will have some natural decomposition odors, EVO works diligently to manage its process and site to minimize odors and related nuisances. We work hard to be good neighbors. If you have concerns, please contact us.
How does EcoVerde Organics benefit the local community?
EVO’s facility adds jobs, economic activity with other local businesses, and contributes taxes in the community. We produce value-added products that reduce community waste and improve regional soils for better gardens, lawns and crops. Environmental benefits from use of EVO’s products also help the region and NYS to make progress on climate and environmental goals.