Social and Environmental Impact Investing

Social and Environmental Impact Investing, with a financial return, aimed at medium sized projects.TM

Of all the ways to invest, social and environmental impact investing, with a financial return, can be the most rewarding.

Please consider:

  • Not making a contribution, donation or gift to a 501c3
  • Not investing in a for-profit corporation, solely for a financial return. Alternatively, consider investing in entities with a clear
  • Financial return (certified)
  • Environmental improvement (third party verified)
  • Social ecosystem improvement (third party verified)

How exactly is this ‘hybrid’ investment successfully done?

By adhering to a rigorous process -­‐ assessing stakeholder benefits and embracing the Theory of Change, which simply states that money invested should cause measured outcome changes.


First, identify the stakeholders Then, define the Mission

Quantify Inputs

Quantify Activities

Quantify Outputs

Quantify Outcomes

Less Inputs = The Benefits or The Impact

Those who will benefit by effective implementation the entrepreneur’s intention land, labor, capital, information products, services, projects measures results changes to social and environmental systems (-­‐) no intervention i.e., doing nothing = Measured Social and Environmental Impact

I am indebted to Dureen Shahnaz and her capable team at for process framework. An implementation example is available upon request.


Effective action requires meaningful policy and implementation involvement among all of the following organizations

1. For-­profit corporations
2. Not‐for-profit entities
3. Government (Federal, State and Local)

4. Universities
5. Religious Organizations
6. Indian Tribes


Third party verified inclusive family income growth, with positive social and environmental impact plus a financial return.

Please read Small is Beautiful–economics as if people mattered (1973) by E.F Schumacher, and MacArthur Foundation 2016 President’s Essay and Development Finance Institutions Come of Age October 2016 by Center for Strategic International studies – both lamenting large organization ineffectiveness.

Copyright 2017 Warren E. Emblidge Jr.

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