The EcoVerde Story

The EcoVerde Organics Story

EcoVerde Organics, or “EVO” is a diversified full-service organics management company. Organized in 2017, our long-term vision is to enhance the water, land and air quality of our region by recycling organic waste, minimizing the use of chemical fertilizers therefore regenerating our soils to improve soil health. 

The Company is built on the idea of creating positive environmental, social and financial benefits to the communities it serves, while achieving its vision. This “impact investment” approach guides all our actions. Learn more about “impact investing”  by clicking here.

To achieve our vision, and building on the principles of environmental and community sustainability, we aim to achieve the following benefits:

  • Produce organic soil enhancements to enrich soil and plant health (reducing chemical fertilizer and pesticide input) and to prevent water runoff, which protects Great Lakes water quality.
  • Increase recycling while reducing waste to landfill and incineration.
  • Reduce greenhouses gases and retain carbon in soil to mitigate climate change.
  • Contribute to the economic activity in our region in a sustainable manner.

We use best management practices at our site to minimize odors and pests, prevent storm-water runoff and serve as good neighbors in our community. We do not use material from sewage sludge or municipal waste-water systems, and our composting methods comply with U.S. Composting Council standards.

EVO originally operated in the Town of East Aurora, but relocated in June 2023 to 396 Wright Road, Akron NY 14001, in Genesee County. Our DEC registered site is fully permitted to accept source-separated organics (SSO) and yard trimmings.

EVO’s small skilled staff is committed to improving the environment and engaging in ethical business practices.